Can I give away assets and qualify for Medicaid?

We often find our clients asking this question when doing estate planning, especially long term care planning, because it is the cheapest and easiest option.  However, in reality, it is also the most expensive option. Here’s why. The issue —  You have too many assets to qualify for benefits. . . . Often we need [...]

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Are you worried about splitting up the family farm?

The crux of estate planning for most farm families is not only how to sustain farm operations but also the division of the estate equitably among various children.  This gets exceedingly difficult when some of the children are not active In the farming operations. Thus creating a proper succession and estate plan is essential.  How [...]

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Estate Planning for Farmers

The succession of the family farm to the next generation is the central estate planning issue for most Mississippi farmers. In Mississippi we find many farms transferred generation to generation and generally to only one of several children.  Also, we find a successful transition is critical for the parents retirement.  Though most [...]

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With all the different names for trusts out there, what do they all mean? Well at the end of the day there as essentially two types of trusts — revocable and irrevocable. So what exactly is a trust?  A trust is a vehicle that we place assets in — think of it as [...]

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