Mississippi Tax Attorney Explains How He Helps Clients Settle Tax Debt With The IRS

Mississippi Tax Attorney Explains How He Helps Clients Settle Tax Debt With The IRS

Dealing with either criminal or civil tax debt cases can be emotionally draining - especially if you are uncertain on how to tackle the intimidating forces of the IRS.

As a Tax Attorney in Ridgeland, Mississippi, we have helped residents of Mississippi resolve their civil and criminal tax debt cases. We have helped our clients overcome impossible odds against the IRS.

If you're looking for guidance on your case, I'd like to give you a bird's eye view of our overall process in a typical collections case. This overview can equip you with knowledge useful for your case and prepare you to deal with the IRS.

  • The first thing we want to do is conduct an investigation and learn what the IRS knows about you. We look through your tax transcripts, check past W2 forms, other tax statements like 1099s (if applicable), bankruptcy options, the statute of limitations, and other notices. It is paramount that we obtain all possible information as quickly as possible so that you can have the upper hand in your case.
  • Secondly, we make sure all the necessary documents and returns are filed, and your taxes are appropriately withheld & paid during the current tax period. This is to ensure our efforts to resolve this case are not hindered by having to resolve a future tax issue. The IRS wants to ensure that you are current and compliant. If they believe you have or will have new debt in the future, your case won't be pushed through.
  • Next, if you are not compliant, our goal must be to get you current and compliant. In most cases, that will include filing past due tax returns and adjusting tax withholdings, if needed.
  • Lastly, we'd need to determine your reasonable collection potential, which includes your assets, current expenses, and current income. Understanding this helps determine how your case will be view and how to reduce the impact in your wallet. If you believe you can't pay everything, there is of course, an offer in compromise, but there are also various payment plan options that allow you to pay in manageable amounts or nothing at all until the statute of limitations expires.
  • Having the right tax attorney can help you reach a “compromise,” where we can settle your debt for a reduced offer.

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