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We believe in improving your life and giving you a better future by resolving your personal or business tax problems for good. The IRS is intimidating and has the power to seize homes, money, bank accounts, paychecks and even bring criminal charges. You should not ignore your IRS problems any longer.

Damiens Law Firm is conveniently located in Ridgeland, MS and we focus on resolving our client’s IRS tax issues. We are experienced, knowledgeable and, most importantly, here for you during your time of trouble.

As a LOCAL Mississippi firm, we are available to you whenever you wish to speak. We sit down with you, in person, to discuss your current tax situation. We then thoroughly review all your options with you, and we take over the burden and stress of communicating with the IRS.

D. Joseph Damiens, III, Esq., LL.M (Tax) has years of legal experience behind him and further tax training including a Masters of Law in Taxation (LL.M.) from the University of Alabama. His expertise and desire to help people overcome their tax problems means we want to help you solve your tax problems and we know how to do it. Our aim, improve your life and get you back on track.

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We will contact the IRS within 24 hours of being retained to halt collection efforts against you
We conduct legal and financial analysis to determine YOUR best option. 
We negotiate your best possible resolution with the IRS or Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Your IRS troubles are behind you and we will advise you how to stay that way.
What Our Clients Have To Say:
I was unsure of what was involved, what the results would be and the cost along with how to pay for the services , but you would be short-changing yourself by using someone else.

Julian W., Clinton, MS
 I would highly recommend you and your firm to anyone who needs legal assistance. I have already told several of my friends about your firm and that you, in particular, are very diligent, understanding and fair, and if they ever need legal assistance, they should call you. You are the first person I will call if I ever need legal help again.

Margarette B., Clinton, MS
Cost effectiveness and was extremely rewarding. Without the help of the Damien Law Firm the process would have taken much longer or not at all. Joseph's follow through was magnificent. Our family's life is now comfortable instead of questionable.

Linda L., Burnett, TX
About Our Firm
When people come to us, they often feel lost and discouraged. They’ve lived for so long in a constant state of stress and anxiety over their tax problems that they don’t even remember life without the constant threat of the IRS hanging over their head. They want nothing more than to make the problem go away, but don’t even know where to start. 

But we do. At Damiens Law Firm, we are problem solvers. We come to work every day eager to take on the tax troubles that plague our clients, and transform their stress into relief. 

Damiens Law Firm is a Tax Firm that provides customized tax solutions that enable you to overcome your tax problems and successfully get on with your life. We are not a tax relief or tax resolution company.

We have represented and helped individuals and businesses in Mississippi solve IRS and Mississippi Tax Debt issues, people just like you. We have flexible fee payment plans that make professional representation affordable for everyone. We consistently provide our clients relief from bank levies, wage garnishments, and Federal or State tax liens.

We offer a No-Cost Professional Consultation to start the process of ending your tax burden. Peace of mind is only a click or phone call away.

As part of our client-first approach to tax resolution, we use a state-of-the-art tax resolution process that eliminates the need for our clients to spend hours pouring over mounds of paperwork. Our process ensures that any work that needs to be done on the clients’ end is simple and intuitive. Don’t worry, we take care of all the complicated stuff. 
D. Joseph Damiens
How a Tax Attorney Can Help You
A tax problem is one problem that will never improve without action. The ability to respond quickly to the IRS or MS DOR is crucial if you want to stop wage garnishments, levies, liens or get to a resolution before penalties and interest compound. As you know by now, penalties and interest do not end. By waiting you increase the risk of losing a home, business, or income, to the IRS due to unpaid taxes. A tax problem is one that can extend into other aspects of your life, affecting your health, family, peace of mind, and mental health. So many of our clients talk of waking up in the middle of the night worrying about their past-due tax bill.  

 As a Mississippi Tax Attorney, we can evaluate all the options for resolving your tax issues and the best forum to do so (IRS Collections, IRS Appeals, U.S. Tax Court, Federal District Court, etc.). Tax law is what we do. So let us help you transfer your burden to us. 

Finally, we are NOT a national Tax Resolution Company, we are a local law firm, employing Mississippi residents to help Mississippi residents. At most tax relief companies or national tax firms, you will find yourself talking with a salesperson, who as a non-attorney, cannot speak or advise clients about complex tax laws or legal remedies available to the taxpayer. With Damiens Law Firm you’ll speak directly with Joseph Damiens, a Mississippi Tax Attorney, who can answer complex questions and address your unique situation. Call us now at 601-427-9300 for a FREE CONSULTATION!
Damiens Tax Law Practice Areas
  •  Unpaid Taxes
  •  Prevent Levy & Seizure 
  •  Tax Levy 
  •  Tax Lien 
  •  Wage Garnishment 
  •  Payroll Tax 
  •  Unfiled Tax Returns
  •  Income Tax Preperation
  • Tax Audit
  • IRS Asset Seizure
  • Tax Penalties
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Installment Agreement
  •  Innocent Spouse Relief
  •  Currently Not Collectible 
  •  Penalty & Interest Abatement 
  •  Levy & Garnishment Release 
  •  Expiration 
  •  Custom Tax Solutions
Tax Debt Learning Center
Wage Garnishment
A wage garnishment is one of the most common and harshest forms of IRS collection action. With a wage levy, the IRS contacts your employer and directs a portion of each paycheck be sent to the IRS.  It can also be implemented by the Mississippi Department of Revenue. If wages are being garnished by the IRS, you’ve got a serious tax problem on your hands.  Taxes are a legal issue, and you will need an experienced tax attorney to step in and get the wage garnishments released. Keep in mind, this is not the IRS’ first option when seeking payment.  Wage levies are serious business. These are one of the IRS' best weapons to collect tax debt. It also unfortunately chokes off your finances, but we can give you some breathing room.
Tax Liens & Levy
Tax liens are serious business, so you need a local tax attorney who knows how to deal with the IRS or MS DOR. Liens can be devastating since the IRS or MS DOR can move in and place a claim against your house, business, or financial accounts.  This certainly makes it difficult to sell a home or get a loan. Liens don’t go away easily, so don’t settle for high-pressured, out-of-state tax firms. Hire a local law firm. If you act quickly we may be able to begin the process of having the liens withdrawn or released.
Payroll Taxes
Payroll taxes, (FICA) must be withheld from an employee’s paychecks by the employer. When an employer fails to withhold or fails to remit the withholdings to the IRS.  The IRS will aggressively pursue these unpaid payroll taxes.  Business owners must act quickly to avoid punitive collection by the IRS.  
Offer in Compromise
The Offer In Compromise is a settlement mechanism with the IRS and  it is the only settlement the IRS offers.  While it may be difficult to obtain, in certain situations you can reduce your liability for less than the full amount.  May OIC's are rejected by the IRS because they are not filed correctly.  Also, you should know that if your OIC has been rejected you may have the right to appeal.  If you have questions about OIC's we're here to help.  PLEASE NOTE- be wary of "Pennies on the Dollar" settlement companies, a small minority of tax cases are resolved through this mechanism. Also, there is no way to know if you qualify without a thorough financial and legal analysis. 
Innocent Spouse
The IRS recognizes that you may be an innocent spouse.  You may qualify for this if you can prove to the IRS two things. One, you did not know of the liability, and secondly, you did not benefit from the liability created by your former or current spouse.  If you think you may qualify then please give us a call.  
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