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Have you received an audit letter from the IRS? Do you owe the government more than $10,000? No need to panic. Damiens Law Firm, PLLC is here to take on the IRS for you.

Our Mississippi IRS audit lawyer has the necessary knowledge and skills to handle your tax auditor’s investigation of your finances. We can also help you dispute your audit in federal tax court.

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What Initiates a Tax Audit?

Regardless of how carefully you complete your taxes, the IRS may still choose to audit your tax return. A tax audit is simply a way for the IRS to double-check your return to ensure that you did not make any mistakes. Sometimes, tax audits are random. Other selections are made based on suspicious activity.

Common activities that draw the IRS’s attention to specific individuals include:

  • Making math mistakes
  • Using round numbers
  • Claiming a deduction for a home office
  • Deducting too many expenses
  • Claiming too many donations
  • Reporting too many losses
  • Failing to report part of one’s income

How Tax Audits Get Resolved

There are two ways that a tax audit can be processed: by mail or by an in-person interview. In-person interviews are not common. However, the IRS may require such a meeting when the individual or business is suspected of engaging in fraud or some other criminal activity. A less serious audit can often be completed through the mail as long as all the proper paperwork is submitted.

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When dealing with the IRS, all matters must be handled with the utmost care. Even the slightest mistake can lead to hefty fines and even imprisonment. Our tax lawyer is trained to handle all the technicalities involved in the tax audit resolution process. We can help you resolve your matter in Jackson, Ridgeland, or the surrounding areas quickly and correctly.

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