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Meet the Smiths

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were living at home, and unfortunately, both spouses were having health issues.  In addition to the health problems, Mr. and Mrs. Smith were struggling financially and contemplating bankruptcy.   To complicate things even further, both of their children lived more than five hours away.

They were spending approximately $2,500 per month on household expenses, past medical debt and home caregivers. But their total monthly income was only $1,500. Therefore, their monthly shortfall was well over 2,000.


We explained to the Smiths and their daughter that since he was a World War II veteran, he may be eligible for a pension from the VA.  After we had analyzed their case, we determined they may qualify for $2,120 per month, tax-free, from the VA. We did a thorough analysis of their current medical needs as well as future care needs and organized all the financial information. We created a Veterans Asset Protection Trust as well as a personal caregiver agreement and assisted with funding and coordinating with their banks to have to accounts correctly set-up. We then consulted with their doctors to have the proper documentation for the VA application.  After gathering further documentation of their ongoing medical expenses, we then compiled the information and finalized the VA application.

The result was an approval for the maximum benefit of $2,120 per month from the VA.