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A large number of Americans who have served their country are oblivious to the fact that they are entitled to financial support, which they have earned through the sacrifices they offered for the country. The benefits have been established by the VA to offer financial assistance for in-home nursing care, assisted living facilities and medical expenses to all wartime veterans and their spouses.

It doesn’t require the veterans to have sustained service-related injuries to qualify for the benefits, and the veterans don’t have to be destitute or impoverished to receive these benefits. The Veteran Planning system allows the veterans to spend their remaining days in dignity with all their basic amenities provided to them.

It is important that you understand the value of Veteran Planning, since it can make a world of difference for you.


We are committed to helping veterans and their spouses acquire all the benefits that they rightfully deserve. We use our in-depth experience and knowledge to determine if the veterans are eligible for the Improved Pension program. If the veteran is ineligible, then we create and execute a plan to ensure that they qualify for it easily. Here are some basic requirements that need to be met before you qualify for the program:

  •         Have you served during a qualified war period?
  •         Have you served the consecutive period of 90 days?
  •         Did you have a general or better discharge?
  •         If you are a veteran, are you 65 or above?
  •         If you are a widow, did you remarry after the death of the veteran?


WORLD WAR II – 12/07/1941 through 12/31/1986
If in service on 12/31/1946 with continuous service before 07/26/1947, this is acceptable as wartime.

KOREAN WAR – 06/27/1950 through 01/31/1955

VIETNAM WAR – “Feet on the ground” in Vietnam from 02/28/1961 through 08/05/1964
Starting 08/06/1964 through 05/07/1975 you did not have to be physically “in country” to qualify

PERSIAN GULF WAR – 08/02/1990 through (date to be determined)



I/We have a home and investments, can we qualify?
Answer: Yes, however, you will need to work with an Accredited VA Attorney to review your assets and determine how you can qualify.

My wife meets the ADL (Activities of Daily Living) need requirements, but I, as the Veteran, do not.  Can we still get this pension?
Answer: Yes, you could qualify for Basic Pension but not Aid and Attendance Pension.  When you have qualified ADLs, you would then qualify for Aid and Attendance.

We are not in an Assisted Living Facility or Private Nursing Facility, but we do have caregivers coming to our home.  Will that qualify as a medical expense?
Answer:  This could qualify for Medical Expense.  Again, you would need to work with an Accredited VA Attorney.

Once I qualify for this pension and the application has been submitted, how long will it be before I start receiving my pension?
Answer:  There is no good answer to this question.  We have seen it take just a few weeks, a couple of months and then near a year.  The good thing is, once awarded, it will be paid retroactively.

My daughter has taken on the role of our caregiver.  She is in our home every day.  Is there a way we can name her as our caregiver and pay her?
Answer:  Yes you can.  You can set up a Caregiver Agreement with her. Speak to an Accredited VA Attorney for more details.  This is a legal agreement and must be written by an attorney.